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Environmental Information Disclosure: Can it be Effective Policy Tool Improving Corporate Environmental Performance in Asia

8th Roundtable on for sustainable Consumption and Production (Cebu, Phillippines)
Policy Brief


Policy Brief

Developing countries in Asia are struggling to cope with the negative impacts of concentrated industrial activities. Inspired by the theory of industrial ecology, eco-towns or eco-industrial parks are frequently promoted in many localities as a strategy for reducing the environmental burden of industry in a way that is consistent with economic...

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IGES Kansai Research Centre held international symposium, "Prospects and Challenges of Combating Global Warming by Asian Countries" at Kobe on 14 February, 2008 prior to 10th Anniversary of IGES and G8 Environment Ministers Meeting.

Amongst the global environmental issues, tackling global warming is an urgent task which requires international...

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Since the significance of "Sustainable Consumption and Production" was recognized anew at WSSD in 2002, the society has been seeking ways for establishing socio-economic system which can lessen environmental load through the collaboration between consumers and corporations. The International Symposium "Towards Sustainable Lifestyle and Business...

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