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National Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation

The post-2012 climate regime is expected to provide impetus to climate risk reduction, moving forward from mitigation only approach it has taken so far. Several proposals have already been submitted by Parties to the Convention on how best such risk reduction can be obtained under the Convention. However, most of these proposals seem to miss the...



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REDD+ ~森林保全の新しい原動力

In Global Net 12月号253号

ベトナムの小規模A/R CDMプロジェクト開発 - 住民のキャパシティ・ビルディングの必要性-


平成23年度CDM植林人材育成研修国内研修((財)国際緑化推進センター) 発表資料

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In Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change poses a serious threat to developmental aspirations of most countries in Southeast Asia. The historical observations indicated general warming over the entire region with variations in the degree of warming and localized impacts. The Mekong River basin, which is the largest basin in the region that provides livelihoods for millions...