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Bui Tran
Today, 54% of the world’s population live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66% by 2050. Major cities and municipalities in the region rely either fully or partially on groundwater. Four highly relevant Asian cities (Bangkok, Bandung, Ho Chi Minh and Lahore) were selected which bear groundwater dependency in the range of...
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While being broadly framed as 17 separate and diverse elements, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated targets inherently interlink with one another making up indivisible parts of sustainability from a systemic perspective. Actions or measures taken for achieving one goal may be mutually reinforcing or contradictory with achieving...
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中国は環境問題の巨大デパートである。従来型の公害問題(大気汚染、水質汚濁、土壌汚染等)、新しいタイプの環境問題(ダイオキシン、環境ホルモン等化学物質問題等)、砂漠化問題、生態環境保護問題、地球温暖化問題等、環境問題なら何でも揃っている。 定価2,730円(本体2,600円+税) 2010年4月5日刊行
Research Report
The purpose of this review paper is to demonstrate the best practice worldwide in attempting to link sustainable development planning at all levels with environmental performance. It also reviews the progress to date in the GMS with both sustainable development planning and environmental performance assessment and the need for increased linkage.
Research Report
The focus of the Urban Environmental Management Project of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in 2005-2007 was on the opportunities and barriers for integration of global environmental concerns into local planning and management, taking greenhouse gas emission reduction as a distant but ultimate goal. Accordingly, the project builds...