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Policy Report
United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]
[DAISY] GEO for Youth Asia and the Pacific (text only DAISY3, zip file) IGES is proud to provide GEO for Youth Asia and the Pacific in DAISY format. DAISY enables accessibility of information to all, including people with print disabilities. This DAISY file was created by persons with disabilities and the support of the Assistive Technology...
Research Report
Canesio D
Cossey K.
Mameek Winai
Although it is widely acknowledged that forests provide critical ecosystem services for human survival and well-being, in the Asia-Pacific region forests are being converted to other land uses and degraded at alarming rates. One underlying factor for this destruction of forests is market failure. Forests are cleared for other land uses or degraded...
Policy Report
Kotani Zusman
生物多様性及び生態系サービスに関する政府間科学-政策プラットフォーム(IPBES)による「IPBES 生物多様性と生態系サービスに関する地域評価報告書:アジア・オセアニア地域」は、生物多様性および自然が人にもたらすもの(NCP2)の重要性、現況および変化に関する既存の知見を厳密に分析するものである。本評価では、生物多様性および自然が人にもたらすもの(NCP)の変化の直接原因と根本要因、ならびにこのような変化が人々の生活の質におよぼす影響を分析する。本評価の最後には、アジア・オセアニア地域において生物多様性および自然が人にもたらすもの(NCP)の減少を抑えるために現在実践可能なガバナンスのオプション、政策および管理方法の組み合わせを特定する。本評価では、陸域...
Policy Report
Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2016, scientist have been studying its “indivisible whole” nature, with the objectives to propose viable methods and tools for integrated planning of the implementation of the 17 SDGs. Furthermore, their 169 targets were developed through an inclusive and comprehensive process...
Policy Report
Recognising the importance of markets to sustainable forest management, this document provides guidance to timber buyers on the steps that they can take to responsibly purchase Papua New Guinean export timber. Log exports have been a major foreign exchange earner for PNG, but weak enforcement of forest laws means that the forest estate is mostly...
Policy Report
This report aims to contribute to the management of PNG’s forests as a renewable natural asset for the collective benefit of all Papua New Guineans. It argues that to achieve these ends, illegalities in the forest sector need serious attention. The report aims to (i) provide a review of the illegal logging issue in PNG, (ii) identify the potential...
Research Report
Groundwater Governance - A Global Framework for Action (2011-2014) is a joint project supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), jointly with UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP), the International Association of Hydrologists (IAH)...
Policy Report
The Forest Conservation Project is researching forest certification as an instrument to assist communities to manage forests for multiple purposes, including timber production. This research has focused on innovative models that could suggest ways of increasing the accessibility of forest certification to community-based forest management. The...
Policy Report
The report reviews the economic and environmental consequences of resource inefficiency in Asia and the Pacific and examines a range of technical, policy, and institutional responses for more resource-efficient development pattern, with particular attention to the vital role governments. This analysis is a contribution to the global G8 3R...
Policy Report
This report presents the results of IGES research on public timber procurement policy to date. It includes a comparative analysis between Japan’s policy and those of several European countries. In addition to providing recommendations for further strengthening Japan’s policy, the report identifies a generic set of elements that public timber...