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57th Autumn Conference of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan
In this study, we investigated trends in the use of remote sensing (RS) to address some major global environmental issues to see if it is being increasingly or decreasingly used to address each issue. We considered several land, water, air, and integrated Earth system issues. Of the 12 environmental issues we considered, there was an increasing...
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2014 ISSAAS International Congress on Agricultural Changes in Southeast Asia: Past, Present and Future
Thai farmers plant eucalyptus trees on their unused farmlands with poor fertility soils to raise their incomes and in response to inducements from the Government. The conversion of unused farmlands to eucalyptus can contribute to climate change mitigation as the growing trees sequester carbon. To estimate the contribution of eucalyptus plantations...
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Investment risk and return analysis for low carbon city development in Yokohama

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65th International Astronautical Congress
The goal of this research is to develop a method for quantitative and objective assessment of the effect of satellite Earth observations on environmental policy. For this purpose, as an initial case study, the protection of the ozone layer is taken up to analyze the different phases and processes where satellite observations might have had an...
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、 第42回環境システム研究論文発表会 企画セッション2「レジリエントシティ政策モデルの開発とその実装化」
近年,気候変動に伴う風水害が各地で頻発し,東日本大震災のような大規模な自然災害等も発生しており,これらの外部リスクを低減し,災害に強いレジリエントなまちづくりを目指す自治体が増えてきている.さらに,災害時でも社会経済システムを支える都市機能を維持するため,防災・減災の取り組みだけでなく,都市のエネルギー自治や都市構造の変革等についても着目されるようになってきた. 本文ではアジア4都市におけるレジリエントシティの構築に向けた取り組みを取り上げ分析した.また,この4都市に被災状況のモニタリング体制や緊急支援物資の供給体制の整備が遅れていること,ハザードマップ等の作成や情報提供体制に改善の余地があること等の課題が存在し,レジリエントシティの構築に向けて早急な改善が必要であることを明らかにした.
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国連持続可能な開発のための教育の10年 (2005~2014年) ジャパンレポート
IGES's research and capacity building works in education are presented as one of the good practices in Japan under the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.
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Annual Conference of Japan Society of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (JSEEPS)
This paper presents a survey study to companies in China and Korea for understanding their opinions to financial subsidy policies for industrial energy saving. The survey in China was conducted during August 2012 to January 2013 and 201 respondents were confirmed to be valid. The survey to Korean companies was carried out during December 2012 to...
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Designing energy SDG based on the successful cases of bottom up renewable energy governance - What are the enabling conditions for effective renewable energy deployment?

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持続可能性・グリーン経済に関する個別・統合指標の政策応用のための一考察~SDGsとGenuine Savings(GS)等を例に

環境経済・政策学会 2014年大会