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Working Paper
This paper discusses the policy and implementation context of the REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) demonstration activity in Ulu Masen in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. It is argued that the slow endorsement of the demonstration activity by the Indonesian government may be due to mistiming in relation to the...
Discussion Paper
An analysis was carried out on local and national political factors that corroborated the adoption and diffusion of environmental practices at city level via Asian intercity networks as a part of a series of studies on international intercity network programmes for the environment in Asia. This paper focuses on how participating cities in...
Discussion Paper
Chiu, Anthony SF.
About 30,000 tons of waste is generated daily in the Philippines, and this amount is likely to increase by 40% in the next decade if no interventions are provided (Aguinaldo, 2009). Varying approaches to manage waste include efforts to perform cleaner production, eco-efficiency or green productivity, and even sustainable consumption and production...
Policy Report
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) is monitoring the development of national REDD-plus systems in selected countries. This report provides a description and review of national REDD-plus readiness challenges, activities, and progress in Indonesia and Viet Nam, two countries that offer important contrasts for analytical inquiry...
Working Paper
Policy Brief
一般に、途上国の多くの都市における最大の環境問題の一つは、不適切な廃棄物管理である。インドネシアのスラバヤ市もそのような深刻なごみ問題を抱える都市の一つであったが、2005年頃からの効果的な対策の実施により、4〜5年で廃棄物発生量を20%以上削減するという成果を成し遂げた。具体的には、市内に十数ヶ所の堆肥化施設(コンポスト・センター)を立ち上げ、住民に何千もの家庭用堆肥化容器(コンポスト・バスケット)を配布し、積極的に堆肥化の取り組みを推進した。また、市内のNGOや民間企業、新聞社との協力の下、地域緑化・美化キャンペーンを展開し、住民や地域団体を積極的にごみ削減活動に巻き込んできた。特筆すべきは、この一連の活動に市が費やしたのは廃棄物管理費全体の1〜2%のみという点である。 この事例は...