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Peer-reviewed Article
In Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

In 20 09, Japan pledged to reduce its GHG emissions by 25% from 1990 levels by 2020 (“ Copenhagen Pledge” ). The achievement of the target depended largely on a large expansion of nuclear power. However, this ambitious plan became unfeasible af er the Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 2011.
This paper conducted a comprehensive review of Japan’ s...


Finance for International Transfer of Climate Mitigation Technologies

IGES-OECD Joint Side Event at COP 20

Introduction to projects


Overview of the Joint Crediting Mechanism


Implementation rule and procedure under JCM / Project Cycle Procedure

Discussion Paper

Key messages:
1. Technological absorptive capacity (consisting of the factors of general governance and business climate, basic technological literacy, access to finance, and technologically proactive policies) is the key determinant of successful technology transfer. Access to finance is one necessary but insufficient condition for technology...

Working Paper

This report, jointly prepared by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan, and the Energy Research Institute (ERI), China, aims to identify concrete ways the latest research on national and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission pathways could contribute to raising the ambition levels of INDCs toward the global 2°C target. The...


Methodology development for the JCM


Relationship between NAMAs and market mechanisms

IGES-UNFCCC-ADB Joint Workshop on Promoting CDM and Market Mechanisms in Asia and the Pacific