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Peer-reviewed Article
In Applied Energy

In Asia, as elsewhere in the world, countries rushed to promote biofuels during the dramatic oil price increases of 2007-2008 as way to enhance energy security, without waiting for the settlement of controversial debates about the environmental effects of biofuels, especially their effects on greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and...

Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program, Nagoy University, Nagoya, Japan. 16 November 2009

The presentation was aimed at improving the understanding of post-graduate and doctoral students, enrolled in Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program, on climate change mitigation and adaptation circumstances of developing countries with specific focus on Asia and Pacific region. Though developing countries (represented as G77+China)...

S6 study meeting, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tamachi Campus

Agriculture is one of the important GHG gas contributor globally in general and in non-Annex I countries in specific. There exist several mitigation options in agriculture targeting methane and nitrous oxide emissions. However, farmers often favor those technologies that provide maximum returns per investment (high benefit:cost ratio, BCR) rather...


Lecture for the CDM

Asia Pacific Initiative (API)-Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (DMHA) Training Course, 3rd November 2009, Video Conference between UNU, AIT, and The University of Hawaii

The presentation aims at improving the understanding of drought and its management using a case study of India. The presentation starts with historical background of drought and its impacts in India and dwells into drought response strategies adapted over the years, problems with those strategies and tries to identify a way forward. Drought...


Overview of UNFCCC Negotiation on the CDM for the future framework

Indonesia DNA Workshop -Experience, Lessons-Learned and Way Forward- in Bogor, Indonesia

International negotiations on CDM in post-2012