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International Symposium on Eco City Bogor on March 17th 2016

Many countries have become locked into fossil-fuel dependent energy systems. A rapidly developing Indonesia could follow a similar path. A cost-effective option for diverging from this path is energy conservation. Significant savings can be achieved in the residential sector by changing energy user behaviors; or increasing energy efficiencies in...


Lesson from Japanese TOD system

The Asia Leadership Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Tokyo, 2-7 March 2015
Commissioned Report

Study on strenghtening the CTCN in Asia: Country Report-Indonesia


Multilevel Governance-Indonesia's Policy on Climate Change Action Plan and Energy Policy in Bogor City

Forum on Eco City Bogor through Green Innovation, IPB International Convention Center, March 9 2015
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The Sustainable Cities Database is a new information resource to help sustainable development actors identify potential partner cities for low-carbon technology transfer projects.

Spatial and Demographic Indicators: Spatial and demographic characteristics are described using a range of indicators, including population size and density, natural...

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UNEP TNA Analysis study: Country Report-Indonesia

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