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In Sharing Ecosystem Services
Peri-urban landscapes are fast changing with the loss of its own characteristics and transforming into a new landscape with new mosaic set of characteristics that are strikingly different from the previous. There is an increasing trend across the world to transform these peri-urban areas, just outside the periphery of bigger cities, into satellite...
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In The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People
This is a precarious moment for the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). Environmentally, socially, and economically, there is no single likely future for the HKH. Between now and 2080, the HKH may run downhill, or the region may continue doing business as usual and muddling through, or it may advance toward prosperity. Evidence-based actions to reduce...
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In Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Development in Asia
Badri Narayanan
In this chapter we first examined the impacts of changes in the irrigated and rain fed crops yields induced by climate change on the demand for water. We looked at the impacts of climate change on crop yields and found they vary across crops and agro ecological zones. In this experiment, we showed that, if water for irrigation is not limited...
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In GEO-6 Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific
• The emergence of multiple global environmental goals clearly signals a need to reverse the trend of deteriorating environmental conditions across the region. Despite some deficiencies, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been successful in showing the effectiveness of a goal-based approach to problem solving. • New or revised agreements...
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In Groundwater Environment in Asian Cities: Concepts, Methods, and Case Studies
Groundwater is the sole source of water supply in Khulna. It is abstracted both by municipality and privately. Furthermore, it is an important source of irrigation at the outskirts of the city and an important source of water supply during disasters that occur quite frequently. Despite the easy availability of groundwater, Khulna is facing acute...
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In 気候変動と国際協調~京都議定書と多国間協調の行方
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Local perspectives in protected area management

In The State of Environment in Asia