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Non Peer-reviewed Article

REDD+ ~森林保全の新しい原動力

In Global Net 12月号253号
Discussion Paper


This document was commissioned by the participants of the First ASEAN Forum on SCP on 25-26 April 2011 under the chairmanship of Indonesia as the 2011 Chair of ASEAN. It was coordinated by UNEP and developed by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan. The paper was made possible with the financial support of the EU through...

Book Chapter
In Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change poses a serious threat to developmental aspirations of most countries in Southeast Asia. The historical observations indicated general warming over the entire region with variations in the degree of warming and localized impacts. The Mekong River basin, which is the largest basin in the region that provides livelihoods for millions...

Non Peer-reviewed Article

途上国で静脈ビジネスを展開するには何が必要か: ベトナムの事例から

Policy Report

In this policy report the authors have compiled and analysed the most recent data on waste generation and the national policies related with waste management and climate change in ten countries in Asia. The study found that many countries in the region are now paying more attention to solid waste management from the perspective of climate change...