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Non Peer-reviewed Article
In International Workshop on Employment Implications of Environment & Climate Change-Related Measures and Policies: Crafting Malaysia’s Roadmap to a Green(er) Economy. 5-6 May 2015, Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Commissioned Report


Policy Report
The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has carried out policy research on strengthening capacities for effective implementation of Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) and identifying pathways to facilitate mainstreaming of ESC with a specific focus on the roles governments can play in promoting sustainable consumption. An...
Commissioned Report
The basic survey on development of “Asia Pacific 3R White Paper” project conducted the basic survey and institutionalization of experts/researchers group for development for the Asia Pacific 3R white paper (tentative title). In addition, the zero draft of writing guideline for Asia Pacific 3R white paper was developed initially for the development...
Commissioned Report
Ministry of Environment of Japan - Commissioned Report
This draft report documents progress made on the “Low Carbon Technology Transfer Preparedness Database Project”, supported by the Ministry of Environment Japan in FY 2014. The report’s key focus lies on documenting subnational data gaps, sources and access issues whilst also describing contributions made to international processes on data and...
Data or Tool
The Sustainable Cities Database is a new information resource to help sustainable development actors identify potential partner cities for low-carbon technology transfer projects. Spatial and Demographic Indicators: Spatial and demographic characteristics are described using a range of indicators, including population size and density, natural...
Policy Report
[Table of Contents]- Preface- Trends in China's forest-related policies - from the perspective of the growing timber trade / Masanobu YAMANE and Wenming LU- Trends in Malaysian Forest Policy / Weng-Chuen WOON and Haron NORINI- Trends in Forest Policy of the Philippines / Juan M. PULHIN- Farm Tree Planting and the Wood Industry in Indonesia : a...
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2002年は、1992年に開催された地球サミット(環境と開発に関する国連会議、リオサミット)から10年を迎え、8月 26日から9月4日まで、南アフリカのヨハネスブルグで持続可能な開発に関する世界首脳会議(WSSD、通称ヨハネスブルグ・サミット)が開催された。その目的は、地球サミット後、環境関連の国際条約の実施や、各国の環境と開発に関する行動計画である「アジェンダ21」の実施等の取組みが行われたものの、地球環境の悪化傾向に歯止めがかからないことから、この10年の評価を行い、持続可能な開発への地球規模での取組みを再活性化させることであった。会議では、持続可能な開発実現に向けたヨハネスブルグ宣言が採択され、改めて持続可能な開発の実現に向けた各国首脳の決意が示された。 ヨハネスブルグ...