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In グローバル・タックスの理論と実践  主権国家体制の限界を超えて
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In Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice
"This Handbook is a timely and significant contribution to the growing body of academic literature on climate justice. It comes at a critical turning point in UNFCCC climate negotiations with the imminent review of the Paris Agreement. It is an excellent knowledge resource bound to be of particular interest to academics, practitioners and students...
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Importance of regional climate policy instruments towards the decarbonisation of electricity system in the Great Mekong Sub-region

In Routledge Handbook of Energy in Asia
This chapter summarises the key factors for achieving decarbonisation in the electricity system in GMS.
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持続可能な社会を目指すため、2009年に「3R検定」として誕生した「3R・低炭素社会検定」の公式テキストを大幅にリニューアル。環境分野の中でも廃棄物、資源循環、低炭素分野に特化した内容となっている。最新の法改正、国際交渉の内容などを踏まえ、特に低炭素社会分野を大幅に改正した。環境に携わる学生・行政・企業・NPO関係者必読の一冊である。Remarks:執筆者の担当箇所は下記の通り 12章 気候変動に関する国際交渉 3 京都メカニズムと二国間クレジット制度
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In Green Growth Best Practices
FINAL MESSAGE FOR DISTRIBUTION First ever global assessment of best practices in green growth reveals pathways for success DUBAI – March 4, 2014 – The Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative released a synthesis of key findings from its review of green growth approaches taken in different countries and regions around the world. This summary...
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In NAMA Guidebook
NAMA finance aims to effectively mobilize financial resources for developing countries to use in formulating and implementing NAMAs. There are also various other non-financially based schemes that can be used as support when preparing and implementing NAMAs. NAMAs tend to have a greater focus on integrating climate policy actions with the...
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世界銀行と気候変動分野 -NGOのアドボカシー-

In NGOからみた世界銀行 第9章