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Briefing Note
Melissa May
F. Cardenas
The Minamata Convention on Mercury was adopted at the conference held in Kumamoto City and Minamata City in October 2013. The convention aims to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions/releases of mercury and mercury compounds and stipulates appropriate management and reduction of the emissions through the entire...
Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Building, Urban, Interior and Landscape Technology (BUILT)
The term of “Appropriate Technology (AT)”, introduced by Schumacher which refers to all kind of technologies including environmental technology, has been since developed into a global discourse on technology advancement and its impacts of implementation on human civilisation as seen from various perspectives. The technology could also relate to the...
Submission to Policy Process
This Work Plan provides comprehensive and up-to-date analysis on the status, challenges and opportunities of waste management in Medan City, including relevant regulations and policies, administrative structure, waste management cost, waste quality and quantity, waste collection, 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), and final disposal. Based on such...
Submission to Policy Process
Pengelolaan sampah telah menjadi salah satu isu utama di banyak kota khususnya di negara-negara berkembang. Tempat-tempat pembuangan akhir dari limbah padat perkotaan merupakan sumber terbesar ketiga dari emisi metana antropogenik di dunia. Sementara itu, pembakaran sampah secara terbuka dan pembakaran bahan bakar yang tidak sempurna dari truk-truk...
Commissioned Report
本事業は、北九州市-ダバオ市の都市間連携事業の下、ダバオ市側の要請に基づき、LCCAPの作成支援を行うと共に、本行動計画に具体的な緩和策を位置づけ、その緩和策の実施のための財源の一つとしてJCM設備補助事業の活用について検討するものである。具体的には下記のような支援を行った。 1) ダバオ市が進めるLCCAPの策定支援  - GHGインベントリの作成支援  - 緩和策の検討支援  - 適応策の検討支援 2) ダバオ市が進める廃棄物発電事業のJCM設備補助事業の適用可能性の検討 3) その他、ダバオ市内における低炭素化事業の実施可能性
Commissioned Report
This project has been designed to provide support for the formulation of the LCCAP based on a request from Davao City under C2C cooperation between Kitakyushu and Davao. Concrete mitigation measures are positioned in this action plan and the use of the financing programme for JCM model projects is being considered as a resource to implement...
Commissioned Report
Commissioned Report
本事業は、株式会社西原商事がインドネシア共和国スラバヤ市において実践し蓄積してきたリサイクル型中間処理施設及びコンポストセンターの設置・運営ノウハウを活用し、国営肥料会社(PT Pupuk Indonesia: PI)との長期契約を基に現地法人を設立して、バリクパパン市の最終処分場(TPA Manggar)内の20,000 m2の敷地において堆肥工場(処理能力:100トン/日程度の混合ゴミを想定)を建設し、市内の有機系廃棄物から堆肥を生産してPIの有機肥料製品として販売する事業について、実現可能性を調査・検討したものである。 この事業モデルの確立により、バリクパパン市が抱える廃棄物管理課題の解決、市の美化・緑化の推進、循環型都市形成の推進、雇用の創出等に資することも期待している。また...
Non Peer-reviewed Article
In The Jakarta Post
Urban policies and regulations on land use management and planning must adopt the results of the study and evaluation of disaster risks so that investments can be better targeted while decreasing the burden of environmental degradation and the risk of damage to urban infrastructure. The scheme and preparation of funding for urban development must...
Scientific Conference on Policy, Engineering, Arts, Culture, and Education (SCOPEACE) 2018
A vast range of multidisciplinary studies has been delivering extensive efforts to define and formulate development frameworks for the implementation of appropriate technologies especially within the urbansetting of developing cities. These studies are mostly related to the term “Appropriate Technology (AT)” introduced by Schumacher which refers to...