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5th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia (ISESEA-5 )
In this study, we analyze low emissions pathways at the national and subnational level in China through 2050. The study begins with national level trajectories based on China’s future energy use as well as experiences of other rapidly industrializing countries such as Japan. The emphasis in mapping the national trajectories is placed on what levels...
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SEEPS Conference 2015
A growing body of science maintains that anthropogenic climate change poses a grave threat to the well-being of earth and its inhabitants. Academics, environmentalists, and policymakers similarly concur that there is no single silver bullet solution to climate change; rather what is needed are well-integrated and long-term strategy. Yet adopting...
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Designing energy SDG based on the successful cases of bottom up renewable energy governance - What are the enabling conditions for effective renewable energy deployment?

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The research aims to analyze lessons learned from the best cases of energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy deployment, which took place in a bottom up fashion at community level both in developed and developing country contexts to identify key success factors and enabling conditions and to identify what additional considerations are...
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