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Talanoa dialogue for support providers in South and East Asia
Capacity building support by means of international development projects is considered vital for developing countries to respond to the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. While numerous transparency-related capacity building support has already taken place in the last 20 years, few attempts have been made to understand lessons...
Enhanced transparency - Learning from implementation, facilitating negotiations
This presentation explains trends of national greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories in submitted biennial update reports (BURs) by developing countries under the UNFCCC. It illustrates country's progress in reporting GHG inventories in terms of methodologies used, gases and GWP used, and years reported with emissions data, etc. In some cases, countries...

Japanese energy saving and CO2 emission reduction potentials in 2030 in the household sector

International Association for Energy Economics Asia Conference
環境経済・政策学会 SEEPS
1.TNAの課題に関する分析調査の背景 • 技術ニーズ評価(TNA)とは 2.調査方法 3.調査結果 • TNAの実施方法(方法論の理解度に関する課題) • TNAの実施体制(技術選定プロセスに関する課題) • TNA実施後の対応(結果の周知、技術移転の実施 に関する課題) 4. 結論:TNAの改善案

Climate finance in Japan

OCF side event: Role of international financial institutions, central banks and monetary policies in low-carbon transition

Assessment of economic and environmental impacts of low-carbon investment on renewable energy sectors in Yokohama city, Japan using renewable energy extended input-output analysis

International Input-Output Association Conference 2015
Ambiyah Abdullah

Finance for Low-carbon Technology Transfer and Diffusion

Bangkok Workshop on Low-carbon Technology Transfer and Diffision

Strategies for enhanced delivery of finance, technology and capacity building

IGES-ERI Policy Research Workshop: On the Road to Paris--the Readiness of Key Countries for COP 21 and Beyond