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World Business Council For Sustainable Development





同会議では、日本政府が2016年12月に採択した実施指針改定に向けた議論が行われました。会議の成果は、SDGs円卓会議構成員有志によって提言書がまとめられ、9月9日の「SDGs推進円卓会議」にて、塚田玉樹 外務省地球規模課題審議官に手交されました。

Book Chapter
In 事典 持続可能な社会と教育

日本環境教育学会が、日本児童教育振興財団からの助成を得て、作成・刊行した『辞典 持続可能な社会と教育』において、「グリーン経済と環境ビジネス」の項目を執筆しました。


Commissioned Report



Commissioned Report
Ministry of the Environment Japan

The Japanese government has proposed a vision called "Circulating and Ecological Economy" in the Fifth Basic Environment Plan approved by the Cabinet in April 2018. The Circulating and Ecological Economy is an idea that aims to develop self-reliant and decentralized societies by leveraging regional resources, including natural environments and...

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IGES は、SDGs を達成するために科学、技術、イノベーション(STI)の重要性を認識し、STI を私たちの研究に取り込み、関連するステークホルダーとの関わりを増大させようとしています。本パンフレットでは、ニーズに基づく手法を採用する IGES の STI 関連の研究活動事例を紹介しています。

PR, Newsletter or Other

IGES recognises the importance of science, technology and innovation (STI) to achieve the SDGs, and tries to incorporate STI into our research and engagement with target stakeholders. This brochure shows examples of STI-related research activities by IGES which take a needs-based approach.

Discussion Paper

This discussion paper aims to provide a high-level overview of the challenges and opportunities in delivering the 2030 Agenda and Paris Agreement commitments, and sets out the essential role financial systems could play. It makes high-level recommendations in order to mainstream sustainable finance into national and international financial systems...


Many policymakers are responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by integrating multiple economic, social and environmental concerns into their development plans. Much of the recent research on SDGs has sought to help policymakers with this cross-sectoral integration by developing evidence-based models and analytical frameworks that can...

Commentary (Op. Ed)

Story Highlights;

  • The HLPF has struggled to encourage countries to “integrate the three dimensions” of sustainable development, even though interlinkages among the 17 SDGs and their targets have been identified.

  • A clear illustration of different tools, approaches, and conceptual frameworks for better understanding interlinkages...