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Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Coastal Conservation
Thang Trung Nguyen
Anh Ngoc Thi Nguyen
Globally, mangroves have been promoted to protect the coastal ecosystems and human settlements against weather vagaries including climate change impacts. However, climate change can also affect the mangrove ecosystems, affecting their ability to mitigate losses and damages caused by climate change. Recognizing the need to understand the impact of...
Discussion Paper
India’s national government has offered strong support for the development of green hydrogen as part of the clean energy transition. However, much of the actual progress in this transition will depend on subnational governments. This paper argues India’s subnational governments have significant potential to capitalise on diverse natural resource...
Book Chapter
In Disaster Risk and Management under Climate Change
Equity and fairness have a high significance in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation as it is evident that disasters affect communities differently depending on their developmental levels, and social status. Any public policy or intervention on disaster risk reduction deals with communities that are at different ‘starting lines’ in...
Book Chapter
In Reducing Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Perspectives on Law and Governance
This chapter aims to bring policy and institutional considerations to the center of work on Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs). Its primary purpose is to suggest policy and institutional reforms needed for an integrated and inclusive slcp strategy in Asia. The chapter begins by setting the context with a review of the interrelated yet varying...
Technical Report
本レポートは、世界平均気温の上昇を産業革命前と比べて1.5℃以内に抑えるという目標の達成に向けて、2050年までにカーボンニュートラルを実現するだけではなく、累積排出量をできる限り小さくする観点から、日本国内で早期に大幅な温室効果ガス(GHG)排出量削減を果たす可能性を検討し、その実現のためのアクションプランをまとめたものである。 2024年4月2日更新 謝辞の追記、出典の追記、誤記の修正を行いました。 企業の方向けに使いやすく再構成した「 1.5℃ロードマップ - 脱炭素でチャンスをつかむ。未来をつくる。 」もご活用ください。
Technical Report
This report examines the feasibility of Japan not only achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, but also making significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, so as to make its cumulative emissions as small as possible, thereby contributing to the global goal of limiting the average temperature increase to below 1.5°C compared to the pre...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Environmental Management
Weng Chan
Grassland degradation poses a serious threat to biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being. In this study, we investigated grassland degradation in Zhaosu County, China, between 2001 and 2020, and analyzed the impacts of climate change and human activities using the Miami model. The actual net primary productivity (ANPP) obtained with...
Working Paper
Focusing on four major ASEAN member states, including Indonesia, Viet Nam, Thailand and the Philippines, this paper reviews the current status, and identifies the gaps and prospects for achieving a high penetration of renewables for energy transition in ASEAN. These four countries have been leading renewable policies in this region and have...
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In Hydrogen in Decarbonization Strategies in Asia and the Pacific
This chapter explores the interest in hydrogen adoption across Asian countries for achieving net-zero goals, with a particular focus on Japan's prominent role. While Japan has taken strides in hydrogen initiatives, the extent to which its strategy aligns with ambitious climate targets remains uncertain. The chapter emphasises the importance of...
Report Chapter
In 2023 Forest Declaration Assessment: Off track and falling behind
The Forest Declaration Assessment is a continual and collaborative process achieved collectively by civil society organizations and researchers. Since 2015, the Forest Declaration Assessment has published annual updates on progress toward global forest goals. The Japanese case study in the 2023 Assessment Report provides a very brief snapshot of...