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5th ERIA Experts Working Group (EWG) on Marine Plastic Debris Meeting
The presentation overview the current discussion on Extended Producer Responsibility under international negotiation committee on international-legally-binding instrument. The presentation highlighted the followiong points. -INC3 Zero Draft of ILBI: Extended Producer Responsibility systems is a part of policy instruments required for the parties to...
Policy Report
This report aims to provide an overview of the information related to the plastics value chain in the ASEAN region. It focuses on the availability of local and national data used for material flow analyses (MFAs) – instead of actual data content – as this information aims to be a stocktaking exercise towards building capacity in the area of data...
Conference Paper
The 2nd ERIA’s Experts Working Group on Marine Plastic Debris
This is a scoping paper to frame the study to assess current state and changing patterns of usages, consumption as well as regulation on single use plastics which is triggered or accelerated by COVID-19 pandemic. The study aims to reveal changing consumption patterns of single use plastics through case-studies in selected cities. The study tries to...
SEA of Solutions Back-to-Back Meeting: Building Synergy and Collaboration on Plastics in the ASEAN Member States: Towards Integrated Solutions to Marine Plastic Pollution
Dr Yasuhiko Hotta, Sustainable Consumption and Production Program Director of IGES, on behalf of Mr Michikazu Kojima, Research Fellow of ERIA, emphasized the need to collect more data on which, science-driven policymaking has to develop. He also put forth the new capacity building needs in the region that the Regional Knowledge Centre can...
Policy Report
The East Asian Summit region including ASEAN and six other major economies of Asia is expected to be the economic growth hot spot over the next few decades. Being the growth engine of economic development, this region needs attainment of dual objectives of sustainable economic development and achieving the targets of emissions reduction to combat...
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In 3R Policies for Southeast and East Asia
Developing Southeast Asian countries face environmental problems on associated with improper waste management. This paper overviews policy challenges and possibility to facilitate further regional cooperation in waste management and recycling in the region, and discuss the future research topics to formulate regional policies to establish sound...