Early Warning Systems

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Peer-reviewed Article
In International conference on GMS 2020: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

The Greater Mekong Subregion has undergone a rapid economic growth over the past decade with positive impacts on the human development and negative impacts on the environment and natural resources. The growing demand for energy in the region and high fuel prices during 2008 has seen several countries declaring ambitious biofuel strategies from...

International Conference on GMS 2020: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

Though a first step, this presentation provides a framework for developing an early warning system (EWS) linking food, water and energy systems. It lists the issues with the standalone EWS, clarifies the importance of representing the linkages between Food-Water-Energy systems, identifies determinants for an effective FWE-EWS, and discusses...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.7 No.1
Tolentino Jr., Amado S.

No natural disaster in recent history has affected so many people’s lives as the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The world’s response in the wake of the tsunami seems so far to have revolved around recognition of the need for early warning systems linking countries and regions that are likely to be affected by the same tsunami or similar...