Car Sharing

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Policy Report
The objective of this project is to answer the question of "how business/industry can realise a sustainable society". To attain this objective, two goals were set: (1) to identify promising business models for realising a sustainable society and develop relevant methods to quantify their potential while proposing masures to promote such businesses...
Discussion Paper
APEIS/RISPO Strategic Policy Options (SPOs) Database
Car sharing is a scheme which offers members access to a vehicle without ownership. Vehicles are collectively owned and maintained by car sharing organisations. The system can be thought of as organised short-term car rental; people who want to use those vehicles become members of those organisations, and make reservations when they need to drive...
Discussion Paper
APEIS RISPO Good Practices Inventory database
Strategy: Development of environmentally sustainable transport systems in urban areasEnvironmental areas: Climate change, air pollution, urban environmentCritical instruments: Economic instruments, organisational arrangements, partnerships, technologiesCountry: JapanLocation: FukuokaParticipants: West Japan Ecology Network (NGO), Kyushu Electric...