Future Climate Regime

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Working Paper

Over the past five years, China has adopted increasingly ambitious reforms aimed at mitigating its greenhouse gases (GHGs). These reforms stand in sharp contrast to the view that China would struggle to craft a comprehensive climate policy due to conflicts with national interests and fragmented policymaking institutions. This paper argues that this...

PR, Newsletter or Other

-Asian Viewpoint on Key Issues for Future Regime: IGES Presentation at COP15
-International Collaborative Research on the 3Rs in Asia
-Efforts towards a Low-Carbon Adaptive Society: Disaster Risk Assessment in Asia
-IGES Holds Global Environment Seminars: Bridging the Gaps of Information inside Japan
-Policy Brief Recommends Composting for Asian...


Recognising and Rewarding Co-benefits in the Post-2012 Regime

Climate Friendly Transportation in Asia, BAQ Pre-event Meeting

Sectoral Approaches: Searching for Common Ground

IGES-NIES-UN ESCAP Policy Forum on Towards a Copenhagen Consensus: Opportunities and Challenges

Framing Presentation: Sectoral Approaches in Post-2012 Climate Regime

Policy Forum on Integrating Asia’s Concerns on Energy Security into the Post-2012 Climate Regime
Policy Report

This report summarises the findings from the third round of the Asia-Pacific multi-stakeholder consultations on climate regime beyond 2012 (held in New Delhi and Beijing) where four specific themes of importance to the region and the future climate regime (sectoral approaches, technology development and transfer, adaptation financing and...