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Working Paper
While the initial pieces of evidence indicate that COVID-19 induced economic slowdown and lockdown present short-term benefits to air quality and the environment, these also pose a double-edged challenge in the long-term. On one side, the slowing down of the economy can have an adverse impact on countries’ ongoing efforts towards climate mitigation...
Policy Report
The objective of this report is to facilitate local governments in decision making and implementation of urban organic waste utilization projects that can contribute to sustainable solid waste management and national agendas on food, energy, and climate change. This report provides an overview of national policy, regulations, and institutions...
International Conference on GMS 2020: Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability
Though a first step, this presentation provides a framework for developing an early warning system (EWS) linking food, water and energy systems. It lists the issues with the standalone EWS, clarifies the importance of representing the linkages between Food-Water-Energy systems, identifies determinants for an effective FWE-EWS, and discusses...