Community Forestry

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Working Paper

This paper discusses the policy and implementation context of the REDD (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) demonstration activity in Ulu Masen in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. It is argued that the slow endorsement of the demonstration activity by the Indonesian government may be due to mistiming in relation to the...

Policy Report

This study examines two major transitions in forest governance - decentralisation and state-sponsored (formal) community forestry - with respect to whether they are opening spaces for communities to contribute to sustainable forest management. Our main thesis is that there is a need for democratic decentralisation in order to effectively re-engage...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.6 No.1
K. S. Murali
Indu K. Murthy
N. H. Ravindranath

Our study covered 25 villages in India, comparing the functioning of forest protection groups founded under state initiatives, including institutions under the Joint Forest Management program and community forest management systems formed by communities on a voluntary basis. The study revealed that the length of time for which the forest has been...