Land Use

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In Water

Rapid changes in land use and land cover pattern have exerted an irreversible change on different natural resources, and water resources in particular, throughout the world. Khambhat City, located in the Western coastal plain of India, is witnessing a rapid expansion of human settlements, as well as agricultural and industrial activities. This...

Policy Report
Case Audy of Ryutaro Hashimoto APFED Award for Good Practices

The shifting course of rivers has been known to be the root cause for many socio-economic issues in most parts of Bangladesh. The Disappearing Lands project, conceived and implemented by the Practical Action Bangladesh and its local collaborating non-governmental organizations, is a good example of how small ideas can change rural lives and...


Avoiding Land Conflict is The Key to Promoting Suitable Rehabilitation

Policy Report
Review of the Implementation Status of the Outcomes of the World Summit on Sustainable Development -

This paper was prepared by Dr. SVRK Prabhakar of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), for the Regional Implementation Meeting for Asia and the Pacific for the sixteenth session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-16), 26-27 November 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The original document can be downloaded from...

Discussion Paper
Ranjith Perera

Urban land use observably induces and generates traffic particularly where segregation among categories of land uses are distinct. Zoning in land use that distinguishes residential and commercial zones would create the needs of motorized transport due to journey to works and other purposes, provided that the proximity between residential and...

Discussion Paper
APEIS/RISPO Good Practices Inventory database

Strategy: Development of environmentally sustainable transport systems in urban areas
Environmental areas: Climate change, Air pollution, Urban environment
Critical instruments: Design, planning and management, Economic instruments, Organisational arrangements, Technologies
Participants: city government; research and urban planning institute (IPPUC)...