Adaptive Strategy

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Asia Pacific Adaptation Network Forum 2012
Lessons from the 2011 East Japan Great Earthquake on the need to promote decentralization, optimization of resource use, better use of local knowledge, reconstruction of risk insurance and alternative risk transfers to supply financial support in timely manner.Remarks:Also organized and managed the panel 8, 'Disaster management and climate change...
International Forum for Sustainable Asia and Pacific
Multiple disasters on March 11, 2011, in the northeast Japan left serious damages on society, economy, and individual lives of locals. It is early to discuss long-run mitigation and assessment of previous preparations, since we are still facing major problems to overcome. Effects of this extreme event contain various and wide range issues; the...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental Hazards
This paper presents a case study of drought risk assessment and management in Svay Rieng province of Cambodia. Drought is a creeping disaster and has debilitating impacts on rural livelihoods and socio-economic conditions. Interviews with local communities, government administration, and non-governmental agencies indicated the lack of livelihood...