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The 9th NIES Workshop on E-waste
As resource demand grows in line with the rapid economic growth of developing countries in Asia in recent years, so too has the transboundary movement of recyclables in Asia. At the same time, Japanese government is trying to promote recycling and waste management business development in developing Asia. In response to the challenges faced by...
Discussion Paper
Special Event on Possible Introduction of Recycling Certification in Asia at Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Sub-regional training workshop on building capacity to deal with the illegal shipments of e-waste and near-end-of-life electronics

Implications from “Research Project to Examine the Possibility to Introduce Recycling Certification in Asia” to an International Framework/Guideline of ESM

First meeting of the Technical Expert Group (TEG.1) to develop a framework for the ESM of hazardous and other wastes
Peer-reviewed Article
In The Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
The benefits of organic agriculture have not been realized to its full potential even though the organic market has been steadily expanding due to rapid economic growth and increasing environmental and health concerns in Asia. Organic agriculture has largely been promoted under the umbrella of low chemical and environmentally friendly agriculture...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Applied Energy
In Asia, as elsewhere in the world, countries rushed to promote biofuels during the dramatic oil price increases of 2007-2008 as way to enhance energy security, without waiting for the settlement of controversial debates about the environmental effects of biofuels, especially their effects on greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and...
Policy Brief
The natural forests of many Asia-Pacific countries are rapidly degrading or disappearing, threatened by a complex array of forces and appropriate measures for sustainable forest management are urgently required. Japan, as a major importer of tropical timber, has considered revising the basic principle for the promotion of eco-friendly products in...