Sustainable Water Management Policy (SWMP)

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Asian cities have faced problems caused by rapid urbanization for decades. While urbanization can bring economic development to the cities, it also produces decrease of natural resources or environmental deterioration. From the perspective of fresh water related issues, Asian cities are suffering from scarcity of water resources and water...
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Groundwater has been overexploited in some Asian cities, causing significant problems such as land subsidence. The resource is also under the threat of aquifer contamination. The SWMP project formulated 14 recommendations, beased on teh SWMP study aiming to achieve sustainable groundwater management in the Asian cities. The recommendations...
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The Freshwater Resources Management Proejct at IGES has been carrying out research since 2004. The project comprises two man research components: Sustainable Water Management Policy (SWMP), and Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA).Remarks:A4 size leaflet (PR materials)