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van Eijk
This paper briefly describes the circular economy (CE) practices and opportunities in Africa and the significant role that hubs play in driving a transition towards a CE. It further reveals learnings from the WCEF 22 side event discussions on the priority areas of the hubs in Africa, activities and crucial stakeholders. The WCEF 22 side event was...
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An upgraded version of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies’ (IGES) SDG Interlinkages Analysis & Visualisation Tool (V4.0) is now available online for free. Updates to the tool mean it now offers improved methodology and an enhanced interface, among other new features. Since 2015, IGES has developed the SDG Interlinkages Analysis &...
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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the targets interact with each other in an indivisible way. On the one hand, achieving one goal or target may contribute to achieving other goals or targets. For example, enhanced food security (Goal 2) will reinforce poverty eradication (Goal 1). On the other hand, the pursuit of one target may conflict...