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Policy Report
Asian cities have faced problems caused by rapid urbanization for decades. While urbanization can bring economic development to the cities, it also produces decrease of natural resources or environmental deterioration. From the perspective of fresh water related issues, Asian cities are suffering from scarcity of water resources and water...
Policy Brief
Many Asian cities have greatly relied on groundwater in the course of their development. Large populations and concentrations of industrial activity in urban areas intensified the stress on groundwater. Such stress has resulted in environmental problems, such as the drawdown of water tables, land subsidence and saltwater intrusion, which interfered...
Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.6 No.2
Xu He
Liu Xiaoqin
Zhang Lei
Jin Guoping
Economic growth has produced great benefits for China, but it has also given rise to mounting environmental problems that threaten the country's sustainable development. Managing groundwater resources effectively is crucial because of the integral role of water in daily life, the economy, and the environment. The situation of water scarcity in...