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Discussion Paper
An analysis was carried out on local and national political factors that corroborated the adoption and diffusion of environmental practices at city level via Asian intercity networks as a part of a series of studies on international intercity network programmes for the environment in Asia. This paper focuses on how participating cities in...
Policy Report
The East Asian Summit region including ASEAN and six other major economies of Asia is expected to be the economic growth hot spot over the next few decades. Being the growth engine of economic development, this region needs attainment of dual objectives of sustainable economic development and achieving the targets of emissions reduction to combat...
Book Chapter
This chapter introduced multi-region input-output analysis (MRIOA) and its extensions to accounting for emissions embodied in international trade. The basic framework of a MRIO table is introduced followed by an explanation on the differences between MRIOA and input-output analysis that is based on a single country. This chapter also provided an...
PR, Newsletter or Other
"Top News" is a compilation of important environmental news topics selected by environmental experts from the Asia-Pacific region as well as by international organisations and research institutes. With Fiji and Myanmar contributing reports for the first time, this 2006 edition brings together more news items than ever before, with three...
Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.6 No.2
László Somlyódy
Olli Varis
Most parts of the world are facing escalating difficulties in meeting the growing demand for freshwater, while at the same time they are confronted by a deteriorating supply of this precious resource. Decisions and attitudes concerning human development, institutional frameworks, water and wastewater infrastructure, and other technological issues...
Discussion Paper
In Asia, private sector has been the engine of much of recent economic growth, while its regional growth has kept the entire world growing. However, this expansion also came with a cost of environmental sustainability that starts shaking the development process itself. Increasing awareness and growing public concerns about the negative...
Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.5 No.2
Gordon McGranahan
This article focuses on the importance of scale to understanding urban environmental burdens and sustainability. It examines urban environmental burdens at three different scales: (1) within urban areas, where the central concern is how the quality of urban environments affects the lives of the people who live in them; (2) within urban regions...