Transboundary climate risks;

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APRU 2024 Multi-hazard Workshop: All-Hazards Approach (AHA) / Science and Technology for DRR IRIDeS, Tohoku University
In a globalized world, disaster impacts seldom remain within political boundaries but often spill over beyond national boundaries. These transboundary risks bring an added complexity to the way the multi-hazard risks impact society. Until now, most risk assessments are focused within one’s political boundaries, and that worked with limited...
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In The global trnsboundary climate risk report 2023
The expansion of industries and the manufacturing of critical industrial components across multiple territories has set the stage for the perpetuation of transboundary climate risks in global supply chains by taking local risks to a global scale.
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In Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
R. A. Begum, R. Lempert, E. Ali, T.A. Benjaminsen, T. Bernauer, W. Cramer, X. Cui, K. Mach, G. Nagy, N.C.Stenseth, R. Sukumar, P. Wester
et al.
The IPCC Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report addresses the challenges of climate action in the context of sustainable development with a particular focus on climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. Since IPCC AR5, human influence on the Earth’s climate has become unequivocal, increasingly apparent, and...
Suishinhi Advisory Committee Meeting
The climate impacts at one place are increasingly been felt at a distance as the world is integrated in several ways. The official development assistance (ODA) has been one of the major influencers of development decisions made by developing countries. Over the years, several development projects have been implemented that are supported by ODA and...