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Issue Brief
This IGES Issue Brief is an update on policy developments related to sustainable finance in Japan between May 2022 and August 2022. The Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance under the Financial Services Agency (FSA) published the ‘Second Report by the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance,’ outlining the progress of developments over the past year and...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Global Environmental Research
The focus of SCP policy has shifted from management of environmental pollution to wider socio-technical change including infrastructure, lifestyles and business models that are sustainable over decades. This paper first examines the expansion of the SCP policy domain through changes in focus of the following two aspects; product lifecycle policy...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Global Environmental Research
Ensuring sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in the Asia region is a high-priority policy issue but challenged by a number of obstacles and the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This article argues that not only conventional policy approaches but also alternative approaches are needed in Asia to decouple socio...