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Translation of non-IGES Material
Fifth Science-policy Forum For Biodiversity
This is presented at the Fifth Science-policy Forum For Biodiversity on 12 December, COP15 in Montréal. It aimed to apply the Tourism and Sustainable Transformation Framework, while integraing the recent findings from the IPBES assessments, to the case of coastal communities in Mauritius where the majority of the local communities are artisanal...
Policy Brief
T7 Policy Brief: T7 Task Force on Climate and Environment
G7 leaders have already accepted many important concepts related to the environment and sustainability. The G7 agreed to “protect our planet by supporting a green revolution that creates jobs” in 2021 at the Cornwall Summit. H owever, the challenge is that the G7 has mostly issued general statements of principle rather than committed to concrete...
Book Chapter
In Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
R. A. Begum, R. Lempert, E. Ali, T.A. Benjaminsen, T. Bernauer, W. Cramer, X. Cui, K. Mach, G. Nagy, N.C.Stenseth, R. Sukumar, P. Wester
et al.
The IPCC Working Group II contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report addresses the challenges of climate action in the context of sustainable development with a particular focus on climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. Since IPCC AR5, human influence on the Earth’s climate has become unequivocal, increasingly apparent, and...