Global Warming

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With the goal of reporting environmental issues and actions on the formation of sustainable societies in the Asia-Pacific region, since 1998 the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has gathered and compiled news on environmental issues and policies and released them annually as the top environmental news in the Asia-Pacific. This...
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This report is the culmination fo three years of work by the IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Programme, to update its own previous guidance on National Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories. It aims to assist countries in compiling complete, national inventories of greenhouse gasses. The guidance has been structured so that any country...
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Chairperson's summary of the 15th Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change

Proceedings of the 15th Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change, Yokohama, Japan. 11-15 Sep. 2005.
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The engagement of the United States is critical to the success of any international effort against global climate change. Although international climate efforts require long-lasting, credible commitments by participating countries, risk of failure to deliver on such commitments rises with the degree of gap that the domestic institutions permit...
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The purpose of this research is to indicate what is needed to make corporate environmental disclosure more meaningful by revealing the reality of ER published in Japan. We believe that our research has a unique meaning in the following points: It carefully examines the relevance of information disclosed in Japanese ER with the MOE Environmental...