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As with many other cities in Cambodia, Battambang Municipality faces huge challenges in managing its waste. With no consistent annual budget allocated to waste management services, the city relied on the private sector for municipal waste collection and disposal services based on user fees collected from residents. However, with low service quality...

Discussion Paper

Main messages:
Good governance can help improve the effective implementation of development policies.
The MDGs focus on quantifiable outputs has contributed to a certain level of achievement, but they do not explicitly focus on good governance;
There should be a strong role for governance in the post 2015 development framework.
Both the Open...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.7 No.1

Governments are increasingly involving local communities and non-governmental organizations in the management of natural resources. The ways in which different stakeholders are involved varies from being consulted to taking a central role in planning and monitoring, andinfrequentlybeing given the legal right to manage resources. There can be many...