Developing Countries

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Policy Report
Molly K.
This document describes the key findings, research methods, assessment results, and suggestions for future work resulting from the compilation of the Global Database of National GHG Inventory Capacity in Developing Countries. Principle to this research was the creation of two GHG inventory capacity indices, GHGI Capacity and GHGI Applied. The two...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental Science & Policy
This study uses an experimental social survey in two large Japanese cities to explore citizens’ attitudes toward international voluntary carbon offsetting that encourages low carbon development in developing countries. In particular, the study focuses on whether the offsetting is a contribution to meet national target of greenhouse gas (GHG)...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Waste Management & Research
The amount of e-waste is growing rapidly in developing countries, and the health and environmental problems resulting from poor management of this waste have become a concern for policy makers. In response to these challenges, a number of Asian developing countries have been inspired by policy developments in OECD countries, and have drafted...
Conference Paper
Regional Development Dialogue (RDD)
Chau, Kim Heng
This paper reviews current status of urban solid waste management in Cambodia and Thailand, and describes three urban organic waste utilization projects based on composting and anaerobic digestion. The multiple benefits of these three case studies are analysed, including the effects on solid waste management, agriculture and food production, energy...
Nagoya University Global Environmental Leaders Program
This presentation is about how developing countries are placed within the issue of climate change building debate over who should take the burden and why. It begins with the circumstances of developing countries both as contributors to the climate change in terms of GHG emissions and as receivers of climate change impacts. In this context...