Integrated Policy Making

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Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 - Consultations of multi-stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific
This presentation was made for a keynote speech given at the event of the consultations of multi-stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific for the coming Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR)2019, held on 12-13 November 2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The presentation introduced IGES SDG Interlinkages Analysis and Visualisation tool (Version 2.0)...
Conference Paper
Conference on SDGs and Beautiful China based on Earth Big Data
SDGs form an indivisible framework. Achieving one goal or target may impact on achieving others. It is important to shift from the conventional siloed approach to an integrated approach by taking account the interlinkages between the targets and among the goals. To contribute to building the knowledge on SDG interlinkages and providing a practical...