Carbon pricing

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Policy Brief
T-20 Climate Change and Environment

Scientific evidence suggests that cumulative GHG emissions have already caused climate change, which tolled victims all over the world but quite often charged disproportionally high costs to poor segment of the world, and substantial mitigation actions are needed to avoid irreversible catastrophic change in ecosystems that underpin very human...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Environmental and Resource Economics Review

In response to climate change, Korea is attempting to shift the paradigm of energy and climate change policies by introducing carbon pricing based on market mechanisms. While policy adoption is proceeding at a rapid pace, the introduction of carbon pricing has been faced with great opposition from industry. This study measures to what extent Korean...

The 5th Asian Energy Modelling Workshop on "Achieving a Sustainable 2050: Insights from energy system modelling"

This presentation introduced the Integrated Green Economy Modelling (IGEM) Framework and its application to modelling a carbon tax in Mexico. The presentation was based on the project of the development of an integrated green economy modelling framework led by the UN Environment, in collaboration with four modelling experts, namely Dr. Xin Zhou...

Korean Environmental Economics Association

This presentation is based on the journal paper of 'Determinants and Characteristics of Korean Companies Carbon Management under the carbon pricing' expected to be published in April, 2018.
The abstract in that paper is provided as below;

In response to the domestic emission trading scheme, Korean companies are required to shift their strategies...

Peer-reviewed Article
In Applied Energy

This study estimates the effect of carbon pricing for CO2 mitigation in China’s cement industry. The statistics
and prediction show that cement production initially experienced accelerated growth and is now
expected to plateau out over the next few years. The energy saving and carbon mitigation technologies
considered in this estimation are at...

The 17th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET17)

This study estimates the effect of carbon pricing for CO2 mitigation in China’s cement industry considering a total of 16 low carbon technologies. The statistics and prediction indicate that cement production of China has been increased dramatically in the past, and would experience a plateau period in the next few years. Through the continuous...