Non-economic loss and damage

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Assessing NELDs Associated with Climatic Extreme Events

OECD IIT NIDM workshop on assessing socio-economic losses and damages from climate change in India | 25 May 2021

This presentation talked about the methodologies for assessing the non-economic losses and damages (NELDs) associated with extreme weather events based on the experiences of APN funded project on Addressing Non-Economic Losses and Damages Associated with Climate Change: Learning from the Recent Past Extreme Climatic Events for Future Planning. The...

Peer-reviewed Article
In APN Science Bulletin

NON-ECONOMIC LOSS AND DAMAGE (NELD) could constitute a major proportion of the total loss and damage caused by any climate-related disasters. Despite this, most NELD has not been well measured and reported in most post-disaster reports and databases and has often not been given the attention it deserves in most disaster risk assessments and risk...

Peer-reviewed Article

This paper aims to identify and prioritize key non-economic loss and damages (NELDs) caused by the 2009 Cyclone Aila in Khulna District of Bangladesh and to identify appropriate practices to address the NELDs. The analytic hierarchy process was applied to prioritize key criteria, NELD indicators and practices that should be integrated into disaster...

Research Report

The non-economic loss and damages (NELDs) caused by climate-related disasters have not been often considered in most disaster risk assessments and not been reported in most post-disaster reports and databases to the extent they deserve the attention; despite these losses could constitute major proportion of the total loss and damages (L&Ds) of any...

Peer-reviewed Article
In International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management

This paper aims to assess climate change-related non-economic loss and damage (NELD) through case studies of Bangladesh and Japan, evaluate how NELD are addressed in these countries and provide the ways forward for further improvement.

This paper reviewed the literature to examine NELD and looked into currently...

Adaptation Futures 2016: Practices and Solutions

The presentation focused on assessing and addressing non-economic loss and damage. Non-economic loss and damage may be “subjective and non-verifiable” but can be more significant than economic losses and damages. They need to be better considered and more widely reported. Through two case studies, Bangladesh and Japan, three categories of non...