International Environmental Cooperation

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Research Report

With the adoption and entry into force of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eyes are turning to the efforts of sustainable cities. Taking this as an opportunity, the Kitakyushu Urban Centre, IGES, investigated and analysed the factors that enabled Kitakyushu to conduct continuous cooperation activities in diverse areas...


Need and Possible Modality of a Better Regional Cooperative Framework for Air Quality Management in East Asia

Better Air Quality 2012, Hong Kong: Side Event on Strengthening the Science Policy Interface for Air Pollution Control: A Possibility for Establishing an Asian Science Panel on Air Quality
Katsunori Suzuki
Maki Koga
Peer-reviewed Article
In The Journal of Environment and Development

This study shows that some Japanese local governments, at both the prefecture and city levels, have engaged in international cooperation with local governments in developing countries in Asia to improve environmental management and explains their motivations to do so even if international cooperation is not usually considered part of local...

Policy Report

The main purpose of this study is to provide strategic recommendations for the Government of Japan to increase the effectiveness of their international environmental cooperation efforts specifically aimed at improving the quantity and quality of green markets across East Asia. The information provided in this study is based on a series of primary...