Multi-Region Input-Ouput Model

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Peer-reviewed Article
In Ecological Economics
The calculation of national ecological footprints usingworld average productivities can lead to biased results due to the neglect of spatial variation in in-situ ecological impacts. To address this issue,we apply a regional approach to generate ecological footprints based on the multi-region input–output model. This method enables us to trace the...
Policy Report
The East Asian Summit region including ASEAN and six other major economies of Asia is expected to be the economic growth hot spot over the next few decades. Being the growth engine of economic development, this region needs attainment of dual objectives of sustainable economic development and achieving the targets of emissions reduction to combat...
Book Chapter
This chapter introduced multi-region input-output analysis (MRIOA) and its extensions to accounting for emissions embodied in international trade. The basic framework of a MRIO table is introduced followed by an explanation on the differences between MRIOA and input-output analysis that is based on a single country. This chapter also provided an...