Organic Agriculture

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Book Chapter
In Sustainable Consumption and Production in a Climate Constrained World: Perspectives for the Asia Pacific
Food safety is an important issue requiring equal attention to food quantity and access to ensure holistic food security in the Asia-Pacific region. This chapter explores key issues in food safety in terms of SCP. Food safety is an issue of sustainable production and consumption in agriculture since both are linked through a web of feedback...
Peer-reviewed Article
In The Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
The benefits of organic agriculture have not been realized to its full potential even though the organic market has been steadily expanding due to rapid economic growth and increasing environmental and health concerns in Asia. Organic agriculture has largely been promoted under the umbrella of low chemical and environmentally friendly agriculture...
Conference Paper
The 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress, Government Support Policy Module, 19 June 2008, Modena, Italy
Despite the fact that organic agriculture has been recognized and advocated, its expected benefits are yet to be realized at a large scale today. Conceptually, the key problems in organic agriculture in the region are due to high transaction costs and poor credibility of organic products. The former is particularly serious in the supply side due to...