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Book Chapter
In Global Outlook on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Policies
Several authors

The Global Outlook on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Policies, developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with the financial support of the European Commission, provides a non-exhaustive review of policies and initiatives that are promoting the shift towards SCP patterns. This report identifies examples of effective...

S6 study meeting, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tamachi Campus

Agriculture is one of the important GHG gas contributor globally in general and in non-Annex I countries in specific. There exist several mitigation options in agriculture targeting methane and nitrous oxide emissions. However, farmers often favor those technologies that provide maximum returns per investment (high benefit:cost ratio, BCR) rather...

5th Internatonal Conference on Industrial Ecology "Transition Towards Sustainability", 21-24 June 2009, Lisbon, Portugal

The presentation summarizes the main findings of an international collaborative study/survey titled “EPR Policy in East Asia in consideration of International Resource Circulation” which will be published as a report in 2009. The study mainly focused on the application of EPR principles to the management of used electric and electronic products (e...

Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.7 No.1

The environmental policies in place today across the globe have been arrived at through a process of evolution, adoption, and adaptation. This paper outlines how environmental policies have evolved over time, including how their scope has broadened from looking at primarily industrial pollution to addressing a host of other environmental problems...