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Research Report
APN CRP Project
J. J. Pereira, UKM, Malaysia
A.A. Nambi, MSSRF, India
N.V. Thang, IMHEN, Vietnam
T.C.Tan, UKM, Malaysia
The Project was initiated in August 2009 to strengthen research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation concerns into agricultural and water policies and foster networking for adaptation policy research in Asia. Research activities were carried out collaboratively by four institutes from India, Japan, Malaysia and Viet Nam, and had...
Peer-reviewed Article
In Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Series G
K. Yasuhara
S. Herath
Ongoing international negotiations are putting greater emphasis on the need for greater cooperation between developed and developing countries as well as among developing countries in order to promote climate change adaptation at all institutional levels. The pace at which adaptation is being implemented however does not meet the demands of climate...
Policy Report
This paper assesses the extent of mutual learning through the international intercity network programmes for the environment in Asia, such as CITYNET, ICLEI-Southeast Asia and the Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment. Based on participation records of network activities, records of formulation of bi-lateral intercity relations, and a...
Discussion Paper
Local governments play an important role in promoting low-carbon development; however their role could be significantly enhanced by greater international co-operation between cities. There are already a few networks or platforms for Asia-focused co-operation operated by Japanese cities. However, further consideration is still needed regarding the...
Peer-reviewed Article
In International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 2 Number 1 (Summer 2001)
The international community is increasingly recognizing the importance of environmental education (EE) by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in achieving sustainable societies, as well as the importance of transboundary support for NGOs involved in EE. NGO EE networks can play an important role in the promotion of, and transboundary support for...