MSW Generation

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Issue Brief
Kousuke Kawai
Tomohiro Tasaki
MSW (municipal solid waste) generation and MSW generation per capita refer to indicators of environmental pressures humankind exerts on the environment (OECD, 2003), and by extension, environmental pressures caused by the use of natural resources. Currently, 340 million tons of MSW is generated a year in South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific Region...
Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.5 No.2
Atsushi Terazono
Yuichi Moriguchi
Yuko Sato Yamamoto
Shin-ichi Sakai
Bulent Inanc
Jianxin Yang
Stephen Siu
Ashok V. Shekdar
Dong-Hoon Lee
Azni B. Idris
Albert A. Magalang
Genandrialine L. Peralta
Chun-Chao Lin
Pireeyutma Vanapruk
Thumrongrut Mungcharoen
This paper provides an overview of solid waste generation and management in Asia, which, with rapid economic growth and urbanization, is becoming a major social and environmental issue. Every country or region within Asia has its own background and characteristics in relation to solid waste management and material-cycle policy, even though they...