Vulnerability and Adaptation

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In Financial Inclusion for Poverty Alleviation Issues and Case Studies for Sustainable Development
Lack of economic opportunity has been identified as one of the important bottlenecks for achieving development and empowerment as a result of which several financial inclusion projects and programs have been introduced globally in the past several decades. These financial inclusion instruments range between providing cash at hand to invest in...
Book Chapter
In Climate Change Adaptation and International Development: Making Development Cooperation More Effective
The objective of Chapter 3 was to present cases from Africa that highlight the local adaptation initiatives in the backdrop of the uniqueness of Africa in terms of its geographical, social, economic, and climate change impacts. This chapter has brought together an useful mixture of case studies of experiences and lessons learned on a variety of...
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In IRES Vol.5 No.1
Michael Zammit Cutajar
The Kyoto Protocol can best be understood as being an economic instrument that uses flexible targets and market mechanisms to limit greenhouse gas emissions at the least cost. Its market orientation was largely inspired by the United States, which nevertheless opposes it on economic grounds. Yet a meaningful global regime requires the participation...