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1st Strategy Formulation Workshop for Developing Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan of Phnom Penh
In order to address waste management challenges of Phnom Penh City, development of waste management strategy is imperative to create among stakeholders common understandings on necessary policy interventions, draw demarcations of roles and responsibilities among them, and guide the actions. Waste management strategy as a package of policies...
Policy Report
United Nations Centre for Regional Development
United Nations Environmental Programme/ Regional Resource Centre in Asia and the Pacific
The Programme of National 3R Strategy Development was initiated as one of the outcomes of the Ministerial Conference on the 3R Initiative held in Tokyo, Japan, in March 2005. The project was funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan and the Asian Development Bank (for Viet Nam only) and jointly implemented by the United Nations Centre for...
Peer-reviewed Article
In International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 3 Number 1(Summer 2002)
The primary purpose of this paper is to outline how the idea of environmental education has come into use, how it has developed over the last few decades, and what efforts are under way in the Asia-Pacific region in the educational field to reduce environmental deterioration and actually improve the condition of the environment. Internationally...
Business Report
This report summarizes the activities and findings of the Environmental Education Project for the past three years. Divided into four parts, the report describes twin objectives of the Project as formulating a comprehensive strategy of environmental education in the region and developing a mechanism to implement it. Its major activities include (1)...