Intercity Cooperation

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Research Report

With the adoption and entry into force of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eyes are turning to the efforts of sustainable cities. Taking this as an opportunity, the Kitakyushu Urban Centre, IGES, investigated and analysed the factors that enabled Kitakyushu to conduct continuous cooperation activities in diverse areas...

Policy Report

This report aims to show the lessons from the existing regional intercity networks for sustainable cities in Asia. Furthermore, it seeks to present ideas on how to develop and utilise the existing networks more effectively so that local governments in Asian developing countries and Japan could harness the opportunities. In addition, the report...

Discussion Paper
EcoBalance 2010, 12 Nov. 2010

We conducted a social survey in the Japanese cities of Yokohama and Kitakyushu and classified citizens into groups regarding attitudes and behavior on climate change and developmental cooperation, identifying each group’s state of support to international intercity cooperation for the environment. The survey not only collected relevant attitudinal...

Business Report

The IGES Kitakyushu Office conducted studies on advanced policies in urban environmental management and carried out the following activities targeting intercity cooperation that use the experiences of local governments.
・ Study on Methods for Improving Urban Environmental Infrastructure
・ Case Studies on Urban Environmental Management (Kitakyushu...