Emissions Trading

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In Greenhouse Gas Market Report 2011
Over the past decade, Japan has an emerging carbon market, which was non-existent before the Kyoto protocol. While there have been discussions regarding cap-and-trade at the national level, compulsory policies remain extremely controversial with particularly strong opposition from the industrial sector. Currently, Japan has decided neither to...
Peer-reviewed Article
In IRES Vol.5 No.1
Peter J. G. Pearson
This paper examines the existing voluntary UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UKETS), which represents effectively a rather unusual “policy experiment”?the establishment of a voluntary greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (with a significant subsidy element that effectively pays the polluter) designed to secure emissions reductions in line with Kyoto...
Business Report
The research activity of the Climate Change Project in the first phase of IGES research was carried out focusing on the policy proposals responding to the process of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Emphasis was put on the system design of the Kyoto Mechanisms such as emissions trading or the clean development...
Policy Report
This report summarizes the points of the two flexibility measures, GHGs emissions trading and joint implementation, focusing on former instrument, adopted in the Kyoto Protocol, aiming at identifying the issues for designing how the regime works efficiently and what points should be settled. Proposals are also mentioned especially focusing on the...
Discussion Paper
Kyoto Protocol incorporates the international flexibility mechanisms such as emissions trading, etc., in addition to setting the quantified commitments for Annex I Parties. The Protocol also recognizes the importance of domestic actions, and supports the concept of supplementarity in the Articles 6 and 17. EU proposes to limit the tradeable amounts...
Discussion Paper
This report is the outline of the first IGES Brainstorming Forum which was held on June 21 and 22, 1998 at Shonan Village. Japan has no experience in emissions trading which will be introduced in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol. Emissions trading will be a very important future measure of Japan in the issue of global warming; however, it has not...